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7 pro tips for soothing newborn babies | Denton Texas newborn photographer

7 pro tips for soothing newborn babies | Denton Texas newborn photographer

Denton Texas Newborn Photographer

As a Denton Texas newborn photographer and mother to four kiddos I have had the pleasure to soothe a lot of babies over the years. I’ve learned that all babies (even siblings) can have very different personalities, things they like and dislike, and preferred methods for being soothed. I have also learned a number of tried and true tricks that are almost always helpful when soothing a fussy little one. So today I’m sharing my top tips for soothing babies learned over almost two decades of motherhood and the past five years of professionally photographing newborns.

1)  Comfy cozy: During a newborn session I try to simulate a womb-like environment. The first step towards achieving this is to keep the studio ambient temperature at a toasty 78 degrees. Although the space is warm, and us adults are probably sweating, baby is pretty comfy and I am very careful to keep baby’s temperature regulated so they do not overheat. I may also utilize a space heater during some of the session if needed. However, I would never direct the space heater towards baby and always make sure to adjust the temperature or location of the heater if it gets too warm. During diaper changes, the space heater is a constant temp and sound which will help most babies sleep right through diaper changes and sometimes even through wardrobe changes!

2)  Full belly: All babies, newborns especially, can have a huge appetite and an unpredictable feeding schedule. They go through growth spurts and sometimes will need to cluster feed. Do not stress about this mom! Baby comes first and pictures come second. During your newborn session, I allot more than enough time in case we need to stop for a break (or even multiple breaks) to ensure my littlest clients are always full and happy.

3)  Dry diaper: No baby likes a dirty or wet diaper next to their skin. Ensuring baby has a clean diaper can add to their comfort level. During sessions we always have plenty of time to get baby cleaned up and reposed to ensure they are clean and comfy cozy at all times.

4)  Swaddled up: Continuing with the womb-like environment, I typically like to start the session with swaddling baby. If baby is awake and siblings are along for pictures we may do those first, but otherwise I will wrap baby up. Nearly every baby LOVES this. New babies are used to the cramped quarters of the womb and having their limbs snug to their bodies is comforting. I only use high quality, super soft, breathable stretch jersey knit wraps, and have lots of color options to choose from. Even the fussiest baby should settle and fall asleep once they are swaddled.

Denton Texas Newborn Session
Swaddled smiling newborn | Denton Texas Newborn Photographer

5) White Noise: Newborn babies have been listening to the constant sounds of the womb for the last nine months, so complete silence and/or sudden loud sounds can be very startling and upset baby easily. I’ve found that even the sound of my camera shutter or the flashing of studio strobes can startle a baby if there is no other constant noise going. During my newborn sessions, I always keep a constant white noise nearby and only at a moderate level, keeping in mind baby’s new and delicate hearing.

6) Gentle touch: When I’m posing a baby and they are not quite fully asleep I will often rub my hand gently from the forehead and gently in a downward motion. If they don’t seem to like that I will gently hold my hand on the crown of their head. Not every baby responds to this but most love it. If needed, I might make a shushing sound near their ear while rubbing their head as well. This combination can put even the most alert baby to sleep in minutes.

7)  Boss baby: During your session, baby is in charge. I may have a certain pose in mind or you may want a certain outfit, but if baby isn’t having it then it ain’t happening. I always follow baby’s lead and read the signals they are giving me to determine what it is they need or when to make a change. Every baby is an individual and part of the excitement of photographing newborns is that every session is different. By creating a soothing environment for your little one, I am setting the stage for a successful session. I find joy in getting to know each and every tiny personality, but these basic steps help ensure an environment conducive to creating those precious images of your newest addition that you will cherish for years to come.

I hope you enjoyed and learned from these pro tips for soothing newborn babies!

To learn more about booking your private studio newborn session please contact me here. If you are an aspiring newborn photographer and would like more information on mentoring opportunities please email me at

Until next time!



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Secrets to success in ALL of your sessions!

Secrets to success in ALL of your sessions!

Are you worried about how to prepare for your upcoming maternity and/or newborn session? Worry no more. Here are my top tips to prepare for your shoot. To download the full guide navigate here and click the link to sign up!

For most soon to be moms the perfect time for your maternity session will be somewhere between the 30 and 32 week mark. However, moms of multiples may need to schedule sooner than this, around 26 to 28 weeks.

W A R D R O B E & S T Y L I N G
You may not feel very glamorous during pregnancy but this is the perfect time to pamper yourself and look your best. Have your hair + makeup + nails done, even get a massage. As far as clothing? Keep it simple and comfy. Throw in a little color, but skip the busy patterns. Flowing knit gowns look great and are really comfy to move around in.

Hands always play a major role in the session, so everyone should tend to their hands in advance of the session. At minimum, please trim up nails, cut back cuticles and maybe even give mom a much deserved hand massage. Better yet, go get couples manicures! Even if you aren’t planning to participate much in the session, please touch up on your grooming just in case.

B E  I N  T H E  M O M E N T
When a baby is expected, all of the attention is shifted to the baby. But one of my favorite things about the maternity session is capturing this beautiful transitional moment in your relationship. Yes, the baby is the focus but we must not forget how you got to this point.

You have finally made it to the newborn session. All of your hard work in pregnancy and delivery has paid off. Now you can just sit back and relax. Babies can sense stress (especially from mom) so it’s super important that EVERYONE remain calm and relaxed during this session. Keeping the environment as mellow as possible is the best way to ensure we can get the beautiful images we are looking for.

T H A N K  Y O U!

If you have read this far, I just wanted to say thank you for considering me to capture the priceless moments of your growing family. It is an honor and a pleasure which I never take for granted.

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